Thought for the Day on BBC Radio Bristol, 25th July 2022

Thought for the Day is a 200 word feature which goes out during the breakfast show every weekday. The speakers, drawn from a wide variety of religious groups, provide a spiritual take on topical issues covered in that morning’s show. Quakers have been making regular contributions to this slot for a number of years. Kate Taylor is our representative at the moment. Here is the script from her recent broadcast.

Hello James, amongst all the bad news it is heartening to be reminded that there are lots of free things for people and families to do, and to hear about organisations and companies that are trying to help out in these difficult times.  Hats off to everybody who is trying to help, and hats off too to everybody who is struggling, I know how depressing and scary that can be.  I long for a world which is fairer, more equal, more peaceful, where people can enjoy living simply and sustainably.  Strangely enough I don’t think that it is just down to money, money is important, but it also has to do with honesty and integrity.  I think what we really need are some open and honest conversations about the sort of society we really want to see, and how to achieve it.  I must admit I’ve always had a bit of a problem with wanting the best for an individual, because too often one person’s success seems to be bought at the expense of somebody else.  I’m much more interested in what we can do to help the whole community, whether that is the Bristol community, UK community or Global Community.