Bristol Annual Peace Lecture 2022: Building Peace through Creative Resistance from the Margins

The ninth Bristol Annual Peace Lecture was given by Ros Martin on 5 March 2022.

Ros attends Frenchay Meeting. Rather than offering a formal lecture, she presented her ‘blended’ audience with a moving performance of her poetry, accompanied by visual images and a beautiful soundscape from local Cameroonian musician Alphonse Daudet. Ros’s reflective commentary linked her poems to the title theme. ‘There cannot be peace without truth and justice’ was her core message.

Unfortunately the direct recording of the event was not of good enough quality to share more widely, but Ros has since worked with her sound engineer and producer David Bosankoe to create a 38-minute video of poetry, music and film which conveys the essence of her original performance. The video is now freely available on Youtube, through the link below: