Central Bristol Quakers

Quakers have been meeting for worship in central Bristol since they first came to the city in 1654 and at the current Meeting House on Champion Square for fifty years.  Friends started during the turmoil of the English Civil War nearly 400 years ago.  They were not called Quakers until a Judge saw one tremble whilst speaking of their faith. 

Nowadays, each Sunday at 11am and each Wednesday at 5.15pm we come together in silence.  We centre down, we discover, we find a deepness together. 

In the 21st century some Quakers see themselves as followers of Jesus. Some experience the spiritual independently of mainstream Christianity. Others follow light that becomes apparent to them.  Some feel they are humanist, even atheist.  Some eventually request formal Membership; others don’t feel that at all necessary.

But we all stronger for gathering in silence.  At times someone will stand to speak – it’s as if the silence has provided guidance. Some may feel all they can say is God is Love. Others of us wish to be careful about how we use words, especially the word God. 

We deny that weapons can solve disputes and bring peace.  Always, we look for that way of life that takes away the occasion for war.  Though our corporate insight took time to get there, from 2009 we have recognized the equal validity of same-sex relationships and marriage.  When we are not in the Meeting House a variety of community groups use our building.

So, we live for a world based on fairness, especially for future generations not yet born.  We counsel for sustainability as well as equality in people’s status.  

Come and join our silence!   Come to a meeting and join in our meaning, though be ready for words not being sufficient!

Meeting times

Meeting for Worship: 

Sunday 11.00am and Wednesday 5.10pm.

Shared lunch: every 3rd Sunday at 1pm. 

We do not to have a children and young people’s meeting. However, we are happy if parents wish to bring their children, provided they make provision for their care.



Central Bristol Meeting Clerk 
Jeffery Smith
Tel: 0117 9422 177
Email: central.clerk@

Charles Gamble
Assistant Warden
Faustina Awane

Phone: 0117 329 7503 or 07410 411 444 

or email

For room hire
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Address: Friends Meeting House, Champion Square, Bristol BS2 9DB

The Meeting House is on Champion Square which lies behind (to the south of) the large Cabot Circus multi-storey car park. The location is well served by public transport and, in addition to the few car parking spaces on our premises there is a large public car park within a few metres. 

Getting here: 

By Car: Champion Square is near the south end of the M32/A4032, off the A4044 (Bond Street South, also known as Temple Way). We have a small car park which can be reached only from the southbound carriageway of the A4044, within a few metres of turning off the A4032. If this car parking space is full use Cabot Circus car park. (To drive from the Meeting House to enter the multi-story car park, leave Champion Square by the exit near the Phoenix pub, turn right, then go round the system to where the car park is on your left.)

By foot: Head for the Cabot Circus shopping complex; then go (east) towards its car park, crossing Bond Street via or near the glass footbridge.
From Cabot Circus car park: Walk out by the ground floor exit at the southwest corner, from where the Meeting House is visible.
From Temple Meads Station: Walk north about 2km towards Cabot Circus. For simplicity use the main road, though a more pleasant walking route starts from the station’s north-side exit.

By bicycle: Champion Square can be reached as by car and also via River Street or via St Matthias Park.
(NB: Cycling is not permitted within Cabot Circus.)

By bus: There are several bus routes nearby. The nearest bus stops are:
From the north: Penn Street, Stops A and B.
From the south: Bond Street, Stops Ol and Om.
From Temple Meads railway station: Bus routes 8 and 72 go most of the way, and there are several other buses which go from the main road.