About Thornbury Quakers 

Thornbury Quaker Meeting HouseThornbury Quakers hold their Meeting for Worship in the Hanover Room at The Chantry, Castle Street, in the picturesque town centre of Thornbury. The Chantry is a 17th century building now owned and run by the local community centre. The Hanover Room is downstairs, to the left of the front entrance. The room is easily accessible for motorised wheelchair users, and there is a downstairs toilet for the disabled. We also have a hearing aid loop.

The Meeting Today

Thornbury Quaker Meeting is an active meeting, averaging about fifteen Friends each week. Every three weeks there is a half hour Meeting for Worship on a Wednesday morning in the home of one of our members.

Meeting for Worship is based on silence, which helps us to become aware of the promptings of love and truth but, out of the silence, someone may feel moved to speak. After Meeting for Worship, we often discuss briefly what has been said during Meeting. We then have notices followed by tea/coffee and a chat.

Children are welcome, but please give prior notice to the clerk.

Study groups are held in members’ homes during the autumn and winter. Many Thornbury Friends are active on Quaker committees in the Bristol area and at national level. The meeting is represented on Thornbury Churches Together, which enables them to get to know people from all the churches in Thornbury and to participate in various activities. A Meeting newsletter helps Friends keep in touch.

Many Friends from the meeting are involved in voluntary work in the community, including local politics, support for visually impaired children, organising a Memory Cafe, working with people who have had a stroke, prison visiting, Oxfam and other community projects.

A shared lunch in a member’s home once a month offers newcomers a good way to find out about Quakers in a social and relaxed atmosphere.

We have a small library including Quaker leaflets.

We look forward to greeting visitors to our small but lively group.

Meeting times

Covid-19  Please note that our normal Sunday Meetings for Worship have been suspended for the time being, in accordance with Government advice. 

We currently hold a Meeting for Worship on Zoom on Sunday at 10.00 am for an hour, followed by discussion until 11.30.

Contact Chris Willmore on chris.willmore@blueyonder.co.uk



Meeting for Worship: Sunday 10.30 – 11.30am.


Thornbury Meeting Clerk

Brian Hawkins

01454 854867 mobile 07425 483494 or email: hawkinsb863@gmail.com



The Chantry, Castle Street, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 1HB