Bristol Quakers call for Ecocide to be recognised as an international crime

Bristol Quakers sign petition calling for Ecocide to be recognised as the fifth crime that can be prosecuted through the International Criminal Court

At their Business Meeting held on 16th February Bristol Quakers decided to sign a manifesto authored by Stop Ecocide International calling for the recognition of Ecocide, defined legally as ‘unlawful or wanton acts committed with knowledge that there is a substantial likelihood of severe and either widespread or long-term damage to the environment being caused by those acts.’, as a core international crime punishable by the International Criminal Court.

The Manifesto states:

We are living in a unique moment in the history of humanity

Mass damage and destruction of ecosystems – ecocide – committed for decades with impunity, has led to the current climate crisis, the collapse of biodiversity and the increase in serious environmental harms.

This is putting our future and that of millions of other living beings at risk because it is affecting the very life-support systems of the Earth. The future of the planet will depend on the decisions we make and the actions we take today.

Existing treaties, agreements and civil lawsuits have not been able to stop this destruction.

Clearly, we must change the rules

The time has come to introduce an international crime of Ecocide, to ensure the lasting protection of all life on Earth.

Therefore, all signatory organisations and associations below ask governments to:

Publicly declare support for an international crime of Ecocide, joining those countries ready to amend the Rome Statute to include it as the fifth Crime Against Peace, alongside Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes and the Crime of Aggression, providing a simple, effective deterrent for those in positions of responsibility, enforceable within existing criminal justice systems.


Bristol Quakers are publicly stating their commitment to this manifesto by placing a written statement in each of our Meeting Houses and on our website.