Bristol and North Somerset Climate Pilgrimage

Over 60 Quakers of all ages came together in a pilgrimage to Castle Park in Bristol on Sunday 26th September to witness for Climate Justice. Travelling on foot, bicycle, bus or the most planet friendly means of travel they could manage, Friends from every meeting across the Bristol Area Meeting came together. They welcomed the North Somerset Quaker Climate Pilgrimage who had walked 13.5 km from Portishead Meeting House into Castle Park Bristol, the site of the former castle, bringing sashes signed by walkers who had linked Weston, Sidcot, Claverham, Clevedon and Portishead meetings – and brought three of the Bristol Stiches for Survival Panels that had been on display in Portishead. The sashes were handed over to travel on to Glasgow with Bristol Quakers.

As part of the witness, Frenchay LM had made a racial and climate justice banner which was welcomed the walkers.

During the afternoon Quakers created a banner of messages for the leaders at COP26 that will be sent to Glasgow Quakers and knitting squares towards another Stiches for Survival Panel.

The afternoon ended with a moving meeting for worship in the park, which started with a local Quaker singing to the meeting in her mother tongue. The positivity, and love for our planet manifested itself in the afternoon and gave us renewed energy to do all we can to love and help our planet and each other.

submitted by Chris Willmore