Area and Trustee Meeting for Business Dates

Trustee & Area Meeting for Business Dates

January 16th  Thursday at Redland  7pm

February 23rd  Sunday at Horfield 2pm

March 21st  Saturday at Central
(Day Conference) 10am

April 19th  Sunday at Portishead 2pm

May 17th  Sunday at Thornbury 2pm

June 20th  Saturday (Option for an event.)

July 19th  Sunday at Bedminster 2pm

September 17th  Thursday at Horfield 7pm

October  17th Saturday at Redland (Day Conference) 10am

November 22nd  Sunday at Frenchay 2pm

All take place on Fridays at 7pm. 
For the venue, please enquire of the clerk.

March 13th

May 15th

July 10th

September 11th

November 13th