6th Annual Bristol Quaker Peace Lecture

Science for a Secure & Sustainable Future

by Dr Stuart Parkinson, Executive Director of Scientists for Global Responsibility 

This was the latest in a series of peace lectures organised annually by Bristol Quakers.  Lecture topics have covered a variety of aspects of Peace. This year’s lecture took place in March 2019 and was the first to provide a science focus.  

Science and technology have brought major benefits to humankind. But they have also brought enormous threats – from nuclear warheads to robotic weapons and from climate disruption to mass extinction. Science and technology can help create a fairer society – but too often they are used to entrench inequality and injustice. In this lecture, Dr Parkinson examined how society uses and misuses science and technology – and highlighted ways in which we can reshape our relationship with these powerful forces to help bring about a more secure and sustainable society. 

Dr Stuart Parkinson started his career as an electronic engineer in the arms industry before ethical concerns led him to pursue a PhD in climate science and then move into policy and campaign work across science, technology and ethical issues. 

Listen to the lecture here

approx 45 minutes

(at times, you may find you need to turn the volume up to hear it clearly)

See the slides here